You Go Up Into The Sky Forever

from by Convivial Cannibal

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"So the preacher man on the mommy box told me today that when you die you go up into the sky to live forever. Everyone is happy and everyone has all their lost parts even. So my arms are already there waiting for me. He said cripples can walk too. So sissy would be normal and could even talk because her tongue is waiting for her too. But you have to be good to get in. They just don't let in anyone you know. No sinners are allowed unless they say sorry but you have to mean it. Old mean DADDY isn't allowed as he hates God and never says sorry. So we would be free. Sissy loves the idea and wants to go right now but I told her I don't want to get stuck here without her. The trick is you just can't die yourself or it is suicide someone said later. Dying is the easy part because I can use mommy's medicine shot. I've seen lots use it to go over and they go into DADDY's jars but they don't care because they got free too by then. I can do Sissy for her and she will go for sure. Sins only count if you act upon them the preacher says. So she is sin free I guess bad thoughts don't count I'm pretty sure. But then I get the sin of giving her death. Like DADDY does and I don't know if that isn't allowed but if I do it myself that is the suicide one and bad too. I won't have time to pray for forgiveness maybe. If I do her first and then pray to God for forgiveness. Then I poke myself with the shot and pray again real fast I think it might work though and how wonderful that would be if I got to sleep with the angels in the clouds. Me and Sissy could run and play and be happy. For reals happy and no more DADDY. No more going to hell every time we wake up. I hope the preacher man wasn't lying to us. I'm not scared though and Sissy is actually excited. She won't shut up about it. Hehe. I'm going to do it. It will be an adventure that is for sure. Bye mean DADDY. Bye bye room. I am going to live in a kingdom now. <3 Penny"

(Det. notes: Bodies of two young girls found. Believed to be OD. Foul play suspected. Time of death is unknown. We found an empty syringe sticking out of the older girl's right leg. The respective note was found under her left foot.)


from ∀✞⚡✞ II, released November 15, 2016




Convivial Cannibal Clan Long Beach, California

Climbing the charts in ritualistic bliss toward our golden autokabalesis.

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