Snuff Cult Cheer

from by Convivial Cannibal

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"That's enough culture you racial puff!' That's what DADDY says are his jokes. He told it to the devil man when he found him in our room. I don't know what it means. But the devil man laughed hard the whole time before falling asleep."
"<3 Penny"

"DADDY saw the devil man and now he's gone. So when you've been bad or a lot of times when your just being good too. DADDY gets angry and put's on his work clothes and mask. it the blackest leather you ever will see. we hear him banging on the walls on the way to our room. it's scary because every time he brings all the whole punishments there ever was from HELL with him. He told us so. and i believe him too. u know why? because i seen the devil man once. he was hiding from DADDY too. one time i swear. crosses over my heart. we even talked and played together with our sheet like we were being ghosts so DADDY couldn't find us. he didn't for a long time either. devil man can do some magic too but DADDY still saw we were having fun playing. we aren't allowed to have fun. its written on the wall see. big black letters. they are holy rules that make us bad all the time. like the devil man time. so DADDY must of hurt the devil man because he has never ever come back to play with us again after DADDY made him all red that's why i call him devil man and made him go nite nite but with his eyes open. it made me cry even though i knew the rule on the wall. i did it anyways and had to get more hell too again. Mean DADDY is bad bad DADDY. I hope bad things come and get him away from here. Even Mommy is better. But she's gone forever all the time. Wish he'd go away like Mommy too but never come back. Ever."
"<3 Penny"


from ∀✞⚡✞ II, released November 15, 2016




Convivial Cannibal Clan Long Beach, California

Climbing the charts in ritualistic bliss toward our golden autokabalesis.

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