Limbless Children

from by Convivial Cannibal

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"I've been able to open doors with my feet since I turned five. Sissy says four but I say five. Nobody is sure and I am pretty muture you know. So I say five. Shut up Sissy! I'm older than you at least by a whole year. She says we are twins but we don't look anything alike. There that made you stop laughing didn't it? Ha! She is a pain in the anus today. I heard one of the customers say that before today the other day. I don't keep track of them in my head like Sissy does. I don't care about those old smelly men who were other peoples teeth inside their mouths. She says she is going to visit each one someday. Track them, no, hunt them down like dogs she said. When the doctors fix her that is. Okay Sissy I told them. Now I was talking about my missing arms and that I don't really even need them. I can write my own name since three years old though. Sissy knows thats true. See she is smiling but you can't tell. But she is. The mommy box was the teacher that showed me how to spell and write and I did what she said. I can eat and feed myself and get dressed all by my self. I don't even need help going potty anymore. If I do have an accident I can even scrub my own filth out as DADDY says. Everything almost I can do. Even open jars but that took the longest. But I usually can just find one I can do if one is too tight and I'm not a picky eater. Nope. I eat bugs even. They don't scare me. You get used to the taste even. Though I won't open up DADDY's jars. I don't like that. I only eated his food when he forces us to but that's only if he is really drunk on paint. He usually won't ever share and I am glad too. I would rather eat vomit. That doesn't taste as bad at all like the jars do. He eats souls you know. DADDY always says that. Both ways if you know what that means. I hate it though. Feels funny. He makes us sometimes too with tubes and funnels that lie. Because it's not at all. It should have another name instead. It always makes me feel sick afterwards. My tummy will hurt all night and day afterwards. That is the one thing I can't do good at all having no arms and it makes me cry sometimes even though I'm tough as nails like Sissy says. Hands are better when I feel like that and it makes me sad then alot. One of DADDY's whores who I liked the most before she got into the jars had rubbed it once before when I was crying from the hurting. So I know that I like it and wish I had arms and hands sometimes for that you know."
"<3 Penny"


from ∀✞⚡✞ II, released November 15, 2016




Convivial Cannibal Clan Long Beach, California

Climbing the charts in ritualistic bliss toward our golden autokabalesis.

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