The E​.​P​.​'s Of C​.​C.

by Convivial Cannibal

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Automotive Housewife Designs Hypnotic aural voodoo for Autokabalesis, rituals of cosmic pessimism, on a diet of healthy humans Favorite track: Destrüktör.
sebastien paradis
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sebastien paradis A monumental album, heavenly discovery.
Thank you Andy. Favorite track: The Apparent Slight Acceleration Of The Expansion Of The Universe.
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    there is a secret hidden track but you must play the CD on a record player to be heard. The tape has it also but must be unwound from the spool, cut, re-affixed backwards and re-spooled to tape. Then must be thrown out of a moving car window (passenger or other) when going at least 80mph or above. We had mixed results from 79-70mph. Anything 69mph or under yielded negative results.

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    Includes Handmade Booklet in sleeve pouch & a Sticker too. Sealed in a resealable, protective dust jacket for all the world's modern convenience = bliss. Amen and so it goes... (We will hand make you one to order. A few more for our wistful gluttony to burst itself. Then Nihil dances. We will break legs on one thought never to be remembered. This will include liberties partook by us. Without eluding to exact content or methodology, you shall receive our aesthetic choice with an undertaking not equal to currency standardized. We do what our will begs and create for wants to satisfy ten* fold upon of our own awe wants and nuisances. In a nutshell this is our gift. A gift of art is highly pretentious as it should be a large percentage of the time. Considerations took is quality control in a conscious world. Trust we understand and hope to share a part of us if you find this before it's ephemeral attentive span winds away into other forms and strands. Speaking of we will make any album request special for you if asked. Mentioned here only for now possibly infinite. Invoke the art gods inside us all and task us with a grand superficial and time consuming task as mentioned respectively. It is a noble ascetic to our mendication and duties to our fellow beings. Okay enough shit tossed versatility. Let's fight! The regular and accepted. You may get horseshit but it will be fossilized and set by the shapes of our hearts. Awe, how cute. We hope to have honed our craft so as you'll be more than slightly bemused. Amused at being slighted is never a proper place for one to become solely so others come by. This may take days but not weeks. Though if inspiration won't come by we will let you know...

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    We put our own up. These are the last. Includes Handmade Stamped Mini Album Booklet, Includes 1" Button(s) random designs bias. All tapes recorded thru ESP and hand stands. Only 25 ended up being made. Tedious and time consuming we regret it all. Profit is nihil. Cry a river the kids want to swim.

    Includes unlimited streaming of The E.P.'s Of C.C. via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.

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Convivial Cannibal's first two releases 'Buy The People Afford The People' and 'Let Your Face Shine On Your Servant' compiled together as one release. This version is rebated and mastered to and again from an analog source of most dubious origins. Recorded from a cassette tape so it sounds different than the original separate releases on this page. Worst case this can serve as a comparison to hate the other by. Track # 12 & 26 are previously unreleased & unique to this album. Title is stolen in humble ode to our favorite band whom we adore, Rudimentary Peni. Surely they would hate the lot of us. Drawing by A.O. Spare. Made into a stamp bias and for us. Okay then. Limited love. Scrape it up.


released October 3, 2013

convivial cannibal, andy tithesis, nihil yung, otto crawl, andytithesis,




Convivial Cannibal Clan Long Beach, California

Climbing the charts in ritualistic bliss toward our golden autokabalesis.

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Track Name: Sunbeams May Be Extracted From Cucumbers But The Process Is Tedious
Before we get too far apart, and our radios stop working... I just wanted to tell you...
Track Name: Perching Angels Upon Needle Tips
[ *the following has been translated from russian]

come in... come in... come in...
listen...listen! ...come in!
come in... come in... talk to me!
talk to me!... i am hot!... i am hot!
what?... fortyfive?... what?...
fortyfive?... fifty?...
yes...yes...yes... breathing...
breathing... oxygen...
oxygen... i am hot... (this)
isn't this dangerous?... it's all...
isn't this dangerous?... it's all...
yes...yes...yes... how is this?
what?... talk to me!... how should i
transmit? yes...yes...yes...
what? our transmission begins now...
fortyone... this way... our
transmission begins now...
fortyone... this way... our
transmission begins now...
fortyone... yes... i feel hot...
i feel hot... it's all... it's hot...
i feel hot... i feel hot... i feel hot...
... i can see a flame!... what?...
i can see a flame!... i can see a
i feel hot... i feel hot... thirtytwo...
thirtytwo... fortyone... fortyone

am i going to crash?... yes...yes... i feel hot!...
i feel hot!... i will reenter!... i will reenter...
i am listening!... i feel hot!...
Track Name: The Cunctator
It's Not Finished... [repeat x ad infinitum]
Track Name: Ѫ
No human level audible lyrics can be heard by the average individual. However, subliminally the phrase, "All You Need Is Universe" is repeated indefinitely through the remainder of the track. (...and subsequently your days too if desired effect has been achieved.) It's application lies in benevolent motives towards progression of the human mental psyche and it's ongoing development and ascension.