∀✞⚡✞ II

by Convivial Cannibal

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Long life to CCC. Favorite track: Junk Dreams.
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Armtracks Soundtrack // Part II


released November 15, 2016

Andy Tithesis, Otto Crawl



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Convivial Cannibal Clan Long Beach, California

Climbing the charts in ritualistic bliss toward our golden autokabalesis.

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Track Name: Unmolested Shine
"Abjection is the acute awareness of others."
--Sumguay S. Nodiril
Track Name: Beginning To See The Light
I'm Beginning To See The Light.
Mumbles From The Attic.
Oh Little Baby I'm Begging To You Be Quiet
Whine In The Morning.
Some Breakfast At Night.
Oh Lordy I'm Beginning To See The Light.

(This was tuned to the pitched hum of an old refrigerator.
Once empty it's about to get a whole lot fuller. Now dance for me fat piggy dance! Shake them titties! That's right. Now pull down them britches boy. Im about to"*)
Track Name: Junk Dreams
Every man for himself and the Devil makes due.

Both not normal.


"No one here seems to believe me... but your palms and fingers are great for shooting, and regenerate like some wolverine shit. Get 30-31 gauge short tip needles and you can shoot tiny veins no problem. On the top of your hand, if you have already blown the veins in between your knuckles, go one knuckle up on each of your fingers. You can see the veins flowing around them - good to shoot. Same on the bottom of your finger, palm side. The best veins are at the base of your pinky and index finger on your palm, going diagonal towards the side of your hand. They just don't die for long no matter what. Of course, if you haven't already blown them all, there are feet veins. Big toes are easy to shoot too. The rush isn't as good as with arm veins, in my opinion."

--Dead now and committed to mystery
Track Name: T.V.
"all the other kids who i know on the mommy box are so nice and shiny and happy all the time. they get to play outside and nobody has rules not to laugh. there is no DADDY that ever hurts them and says they are bad when they are not. all of them smile too and all get to be in the sun too. it feels so good with the sun on your skin so warm. it's not fair. i wish i could have fun and look like them do too with all them perfect with arms and mommy's who are always kissing them and giving them food and hugs and candy. i can't even give anyone a hug you know that. you can't hug with your legs the same. i would hug sissy so tight right now and she'd love it. she just said i am right. she would love it. ... she also said it's not fair too. none of this is. except she said a bad word but i don't say them or i get a thrashing. no doing any nice things only bad ones and never fun stuff like the shiny kids and their faces happy. it makes me really sad watching the mommy box when i think stuff like that. ... sissy is right. this is a hell. and we are being punished for being bad before. but i cant remember being anyone else or being bad but sissy does and she said... oh, I'm not saying that. more bad words she shouldn't say. Love, Penny."
Track Name: Snuff Cult Cheer
'That's enough culture you racial puff!' That's what DADDY says are his jokes. He told it to the devil man when he found him in our room. I don't know what it means. But the devil man laughed hard the whole time before falling asleep.' (*side note on folded paper)

'DADDY saw the devil man and now he's gone. So when you've been bad or a lot of times when your just being good too. DADDY gets angry and put's on his work clothes and mask. it the blackest leather you ever will see. we hear him banging on the walls on the way to our room. it's scary because every time he brings all the whole punishments there ever was from HELL with him. He told us so. and i believe him too. u know why? because i seen the devil man once. he was hiding from DADDY too. one time i swear. crosses over my heart. we even talked and played together with our sheet like we were being ghosts so DADDY couldn't find us. he didn't for a long time either. devil man can do some magic too but DADDY still saw we were having fun playing. we aren't allowed to have fun. its written on the wall see. big black letters. they are holy rules that make us bad all the time. like the devil man time. so DADDY must of hurt the devil man because he has never ever come back to play with us again after DADDY made him all red that's why i call him devil man and made him go nite nite but with his eyes open. it made me cry even though i knew the rule on the wall. i did it anyways and had to get more hell too again. Mean DADDY is bad bad DADDY. I hope bad things come and get him away from here. Even Mommy is better. But she's gone forever all the time. Wish he'd go away like Mommy too but never come back. Ever." --Penny

(written on a folded piece of paper on one side found in the closet, see other Evidence misc.)
Track Name: Hell Comes By Hallway
(Opposite side of same 'Devil Man' letter reads...)

'To my whisper friends from the underneath place do you know who that one ugly boy is who can't float like you? That's not right in the head I think. Maybe he's dumb or because it's on the front of his chest and not his shoulders like normal people. That comes from somewhere I'm not sure because I never see him come because my eyes are shut but only from when I jerk real tears by crying? He loves to lick them up and makes him real happy. He loves them so much it makes me giggle quietly but he never talks only snarls sometimes when we hear DADDY coming down the hallway. But I never see where he goes. He's just gone when I look away or even blink sometimes. I like him a lot but i don't cry very much with tears. Sometimes I'll be bad on purpose so DADDY has to teach me his lessons, which don't end ever until I cry. Just so I can see him and let him lick my face. He smells like matches on fire. I wish he'd talk so I could ask him his name. I think he is from where the devil man is or was. They both smell the same to me. Do you know who he is or what his name is? Please tell me if you know. I'll be real quiet in case you do so I can hear you. It's very important to me. I like him a lot and want to draw him a picture letter but I have to know his name first. You know the rules on the wall. '

(Found folded up and stuffed in a crack of a loose floorboard inside the dingy closet. Side notes. Evidence misc.)
Track Name: Muted Summers
'Well i know way out west...' and some other cock and old bull lee dribbled mutterings. Gargled and swished about in an uncouth mouth usually gorged in gabbled garbles of some dubious gnosis or gaunt inducing goof by some chemical reaction or another. That's how we do. Anyhow... A break from the pain of Pennies sad shitty times. Don't even know the happy sounds of Summer or what happy even is. Recorded this on a walkies-talkie looking sort of contraption. That's said to have eyes of it's very own. Maybe for by to let her hear it somehow. I'm the one they call the devil man. On account of my descending from the lower parts and my lovely accent of course. The complexion and horns have nothing to do with it! --L.S. Devilman (w/ a CACKLE & a CRACKLE!)
Track Name: Ephemeral Eclipse Over A Still Born Sun
If I elected myself God, no babies would ever die nor suffer. Just seems more natural than nature allows. Best not to dwell here too long. Keep towards ascension friends.