by Convivial Cannibal

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"bore on her back in a nightmare.
no redeeming value will be found contained within.
dribble spit from up down her back spine.
heard the saddening voice call down.
then pull up and over the only holy living ghost we ever saw."


released October 5, 2016



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Convivial Cannibal Clan Long Beach, California

Climbing the charts in ritualistic bliss toward our golden autokabalesis.

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Track Name: Vein Pop
"Every junky knows the fear of collapsing a vein. Not for the health risks like any normal person might think. Nope. Just the dope dread. An instant panic filled terror which disembowels you like harikari for a few moments of time that to a junkie seems like eternity in a loop. Waiting to see if your god still acknowledges your prayers of faith. By letting the drip hit. Terrible tragedy to miss a lifeline like that and sink in the missed blue vein blues. Like drowning in the ocean I suppose. While being eaten half alive by sharks is probably a bit more accurate. I would swim with the hungry bastards without hesitation if someone dropped a loaded spike as chum bait. Chump. You might think but you don't know where heaven is or if it even exists! Me, my friend, can describe every last detail of GOD's face! I have gazed upon the omnipotent so many times his ugly mug is ingrained on my soul and my arms. I also am a personal friend to Satan himself. The split footed cock sucker. Go there right after the other. Like some elevator runs at light speed. Rush kills you near every time but it never gets old. Just like most us plungers. Not everyone can be old bull Lee and live to see everyone else die off first. But it's worth a try every time. Solely for another chance to swim with the sharks. God is ugly but my god i kiss that holy mug of face right on his pouty lips whenever I get to go there. Then a straight trip to hell shortly after every time is even made some what pleasurable by an old pro like myself. Cause I know I'm only seven circles and a few blocks away from being sent back to the big guy, First class. Them that know. Know I ain't wrong in any detail given. This is a gift from the bastard for being made in his ugly image. And I don't smash mirrors anymore because."

(Found journal belonging to an unidentified 'John Doe' / D.O.A., appears to be an O.D. / Signed by staff / Saint Mary Hospital Morgue Records)
Track Name: Some Linger Hangs Worst
Evidence: 458-Ab
* "I usually try and enjoy myself with all the perverts and ugly old fucks, weirdo sickos who'll have me for some of their hard-earned scratch. (cackled laugh) But that one. I know well. And I'll be the first to admit. He's about as gross as they come*. (*implying male ejaculation thru hand gesture motion & cackles) But he pays up front with tip and finishes fast enough for me to make it to the crapper before I would get sick. Which I did every time. He liked to watch that too. But my god that smell of his! And imagine the taste! Even worst bet you than the devil's own ripe of uncircumcised headcheese!(cackles) It'd be an unholy green though (cackles) but with envy too! (cackles w/ tears) But I didn't think him the type to kill all them girls you say. No, not like that. He wouldn't be able to do that from the impression he gave me. That takes someone, no, it takes a something to do that. That is just inhuman. (she holds up photo # ██████) This here is a mission of pure hate for the living flesh of others. Whoever did this is a preacher. He knows his pain. As long and as deep as it will go. Did I ever tell you I used to read famous movie stars fortunes for big bucks before my life turned on itself? I did? Those were the days though. So someone like myself with a sense for the keen. Well Id be able to see and definitely smell it on him of all folks that reek so. Some linger hangs worst than others and his isn't any exception, believe me. But you can never get rid entirely that other kind. It don't wash away ever all the way. Like blood on the carpet it stains a man. I think those girls left like that would carry the stench through a thousand reincarnations. Don't you? No he didn't do it. He smells like shit but not of death. (cackles) You all are wasting your time here. You know how I know? (I answer) Yep! Cause I read fortunes and see visions of the future. I have the gift. And it's made my life a living hell hole with-" TAPE RUNS OUT. █████

Evidence: 459-Ac
** "A stench so bad even the flies won't go near. Peeled off half the wall paper though that was probably like that. What ** "A stench so bad even the flies won't go near. Peeled off half the wall paper though that was probably like that. What a hell hole. Disgusting everywhere you look. Pack rats and devil worshiper drugged out weird ass shit everywhere there isn't trash. Oh my God it stinks! It's so filthy and stacked to the ceiling with shit it's crazy it doesn't cave in on us.(TAPE TURNS OFF/ BACK ON) Strangely the only room which isn't a mess is the children's room, though it's not much of anything really. It's surprisingly bare except for an old roll away black and white plugged into the wall and what looks like a couple of sheets and a blanket in one corner. Smells strange in here too but different. Air is colder and more stale. (COUGHS UNCONTROLLABLY) Holy shit! Excuse me. Felt dizzy there. Shit I need some fresh air. Almost felt like i'd accidentally stepped on someone's grave back there. Accidentally. I'm feeling nauseous still. I will continue investigation after I get a breather That hell hole has pain aching from deep. Anyone could feel that just by stepping one foot in there. You don't have to be a fortune teller, evil junkie bitch to see that." TAPE IS TURNED OFF. █████

*Transcribed from the Detective's (see Below) Personal Cassette Tape Recording Of Last Known Interview w/ suspect T.T. [89798]
**Also found on tape but transcribed by current investigation team. Presumably some time after, but exact time and location are still unknown and under investigation. Any other evidence is confidential and closed to those without proper clearance. [91688]

Case Op. : █████ Department: █████: Post-case #:█████
Detective █████████ Informant alias: T████ T. Real Name: ███ ██ █ ███
Case# :█████████ Detective ID: ████ █████ ██
Status: Sealed Confidential RE: Unsolved (see UCCD# 093465) also see EF #: ██████
Track Name: Mother Cares Less
"Sissy got it the worst. She wasn't supposed to live more than a week. She says if it was up to her. The week would be over fast. She gets grumpy when she is reminded of her disposition. But I still love her. Even if the rest don't." -Penny [journal entry]
Track Name: Darkness Is A Locked Closet
"As though we were monsters who foraged through graveyards."
Track Name: Unraveling Psychosis
"...oh sure I have lots of friends. They come visit me all the time so I'm never alone. They sound the same as you and me when they talk too. But they look different than the people on TV look. They are harder to see because they are always moving so fast. Playing and dancing and singing. They never stop having fun. Even when they jump into shadows so they can recharge their breaths or something. They still never stop fluttering sounds from where their mouths should be. They live in the shadows but don't ever have to sleep, so they keep me up all the time. They're going to take me with them one day they promised to underneath where the whispers are. They said it's always so quiet there on that side it makes you sleepy and it hurts them real bad to stay up past bedtime. Which is always. So that's why I don't mind when they come to visit me though they can make some really loud noises sometimes that wakes DADDY up and gets me in trouble. Because when they're here with me that doesn't hurt them any more they said. All the bad pains go away inside them and they get warmed up inside. They all seemed so lonely just like me that they attracted on me they said. Like I was calling for them in the dark but my voice was a light turned on or something. They told me I can go live with them too! And we decided all to become best friends forever and never be cold or sleepy again if I go with them to where they live down below somewhere. They said that I can play in their shadows until I fit into my own which they said is growing in my tummy and just needs to get bigger first before it fits and I can hide better. Forever they said too and even promised Sissy could come too. Even though she doesn't want to because she's a scaredy cat! But they said they'll bring her with for me anyways and real soon too they told me and I know they meant it because they made me cross my heart and hope to die and stick a needle in my eye. Like mommy and DADDY does all the time. So I know it's fun because that's when they only smile and get real nice before going nite nite. All I got to do is listen to what my new best friends tell me and be ready to do it right away and really fast when they do they said. Without thinking twice in blinks of an eye is what I heard them tell me. I know I can do that easily. I'm ready too. I'll show them how good of a best friend I can be. And Sissy has to come even though she won't be quiet saying not to go. But I'm older so I'm the boss. And I'm going to do it. Whatever they tell me. Faster than your eye blinks. You'll see." (Found Note, Authored by Penny)
Track Name: Talking Tongueless
"Sissy doesn't have a tongue but she speaks perfect English like the TV to me still. I hear it in my thinking but I got to close my eyes and think real hard about it and I can hear her laughing and singing and she knows so many songs you wouldn't believe it. She makes them up I swear but she promises over her bad heart she learned them long ago before this time once when she was someone else. That's what she says anyways. I think she should write stories for the TV people. She's so good at it." - Penny
(Random letter scribbled by Penny using her feet of course. No date.)
Track Name: Pet Carcass
⊗ Pet Carcass
(]Armtrack #7[)

"His name is Mister Whisker Kitty. Like the one that the TV shows sometimes. He's just mine. Sissy doesn't like him. She said he's smelly but I don't mind if he is stinky because he's my little baby kitty. I have to keep him in the secret place under-- wait! Uh oh. I can't tell you where because, it's a really really big secret silly. Nobody knows about it but me and Sissy. We have to hide him from DADDY or else he'll take him and will break him again and bury him the yard. But I will get my kitty. Because it's my kitty.
He came in the house on a flute. Is that how do you say that when a miracle just happens but nothing did it? Like there is no god doing it. It was my lucky day. A Flute. It was the happiest day i ever remember because you know I always wanted a kitty real bad but DADDY hates them. He hates everything but all animals the most especially. So one day just out of the blue in walks this dame. ha ha :) He he I saw that on the TV and I remembered it because I liked it. How it was all blue from the outside colors. I heard that on a movie that was so good. But I don't know its name. But really I swear one day I sneaked out of the room and I just saw him just sitting there by the door to the outside. He was so small he crawled through a little hole in the wall by the door. And at first we saw each other i said hello but and he meowed at me first. So I knew we were going to be best friends forever then. Then I got him water and i stole some meat that DADDY brings from work and i made him purr and purrrr for so long. And he was happy he went to sleep and I did too with him on my belly.
I woke up and DADDY had him. I could hear him meowing for me. then he stopped. I wish he was how he used to be awake and meow and purr. DADDY said he's allergic to all the kitty's the most and that they make you sick and and go mad then. And then also how they eat your face after you die in your own house. Like he said if you die in it like I will. He said only mean stuff forever. He's not even the real dada. He was sick and died. But he was at least nice sometimes. But No no don't tell him that or he gets real sore. But you know what? I wouldn't care if Kitty did that to me. If he was hungry and i am dead anyways so i wont even care. DADDY is allergic to anything that's fun or happy. He said we give him allergies too. That's why we have to stay in here only and have to take our medicine like what he wears his uniform for.
I love my poor kitty. Sometimes once I can felt him purring at night when it was real cold and I keeped him warm by curling up with him. Like the mommy cat does on the TV. And I know I can feel him getting warmer and we did warm each selves all night. I love my Mister Kitty Whisker little guy. Poor little broken baby kitty. I hate the DADDY so much. I wish he were broke instead. Sorry kitty. Bye Bye. Got to hide. Love you kitty. Be Good Kitty. Love, Penny "
"☹☹☹ ☹☹☹ ☹☹☹ ☹☹☹ ☹☹☹ ☹☹☹ ☹☹☹ ☹☹☹ ☹☹☹"

(From written letter found under loose floor boards in the girl's room. Placed on top of the dried out remains of a deceased feline kitten. )
██████████ ███████ Case.

[]private notes []

"The things that make us the happiest in life shall always seem ephemeral." --Sumguay S. Nodarill
Track Name: The Wheelchair
"I saw people all the time in them on the television. I watched out the secret crack Daddy don't know about in the attic crawl. I can see the road where kids go to school sometimes I can see them. But I've never seen one in a wheelchair yet. but still from television they look fun and i could go places like in the hallway and kitchen real fast. Sissy could finally play too. Sometimes she likes to sit up for a bit sometimes before it hurts too much. But I bet she'd love it even if it hurts still. She'd laugh and giggle and we'd sing and play outside. We'd make believe all sorts of fun things to do. I know she would love it."

- found scribbled on one of many, many drawings which all had '4 my sissy ❤ from penny' written at the end..
Track Name: Kaput!
"Snoopy dog was on TV one time and DADDY said we could stay up and watch him. He also flew airplanes for DADDY's favorite sports team. He shot more other planes down he was in moralized or something. When he got dead finally at the end he said 'KAPUT!' Which means he really won DADDY said. I remember because that night he forget to whip away our sins for the angels to feed. Hopefully they weren't too hungry I felt bad. But only on the inside not on the outside like always. That was the funnest night ever! DADDY fell asleep too and we both stayed up and watched cartoons all night. All animals like rats and bunny rabbits made us laugh so hard and loud to each other. Me and Sissy still laugh together but quietly whenever one of us says KAPUT! then we think about the Snoopy dog and giggle again so much. it was so fun."
--Penny ('foot' drawn Snoopy dog picture, Signed: 'Snoopy Loves Sissy' in crayon)